Monday, March 28, 2011


Fubar is a one sheet miniature game that also has variants of different time periods from world war to science fiction. Many of types of periods include run ofs of movies such as star wars, star ship troopers and, Terminator.
Other variants are made all the time i think i remeber seeing someone making a halo one which will be really neat.

The Rules are for free and you can customize alot of things, as what im doing. Im going to be playing a Sci-fi varinat but call it something else, and also make a story line for it depending on what happens during the games the story will change. The rulse can be found here in the FILES part.

I started painting some new miniatures for the game. Which i use 15mm size miniatures.
Earth Force marine- Rebel Minis

All in all he came out better then i thought he would.
Next is a khurasan miniature of a High-Tech Humans in Body Armour with an missile launcher 

Ill be trying to do some games at my local hobby shop on Saturdays if any one is interested ill supply the models and everything. The game store website is